POLYGEN Slider (principle)
The patented Slider has an extremely finely lapped and sealed surface. Additional sealing materials such as O-rings are thus unnecessary.

The 4 sliders are arranged in such a way that they slide past each other. The reagent slider (1) is stationary and contains the reagent feed lines. The column slider (2) contains the carrier for 10 "columns".

Sliders 1, 2 und 3 can together slide past slider 4. Slider 2 can slide between sliders 1 and 3. Sliders 1 and 3 can slide together only. Thus, the reaction column (slider 2) can be aligned with the bore holes in sliders 1 und 3, thus establishing a connection via the reagent feed line (Slider4), between the reagent and the metering pump (DMT). Precise dosages can be given with the metering pump (0 – 0.025 ml / rev.).


The reaction vessel can be loaded with CPG, PVDF membrane, cellulose etc.

Loading can be freely selected within the range 10 nmol - 8 µmol. The sliders are activated by DC motors; precise positioning is achieved using incremental generators. The frits used can be regarded as filters as they prevent carrier material leaking from the column slider.

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